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3 myths about business energy that need debunking

For SMEs, all expenditure is critical, and it is essential for the health of your business that you waste as little money as possible on unnecessary operational costs. The energy needed to run an office plays a huge role in a company’s finances, so it’s important to keep this to a minimum.

Here are three common myths about energy saving in offices that could actually be costing you more money:

Leaving the heating on will save you money

It’s commonly believed to be better to leave the heating on throughout the day and night at a lower temperature rather than turning it off for periods of time, as people think that the power needed to re-heat the system is greater than if it was left on. In reality, the wasted energy when the building is vacant will lose you money.

Energy efficiency is only for big corporations

Even if you have a small office and workforce, there are measures that you can take to reduce your energy consumption and therefore your operational costs. The carbon footprint of global enterprises is often talked about in the media as a major cause of global warming, but in reality every business, no matter how small, can make a difference. Whether this is investing in a more efficient boiler, a smart meter or training your workforce to be more energy-focused, SMEs can always do something to improve their energy output.

Keeping computers on will save energy

Leaving a single computer on standby overnight rather than turning it off will cost a business over £200 a year. This can be a real revenue killer if you have lots in your office. Computers are generally left on either because it’s believed that this will save on the energy needed to turn them off and on again, or simply laziness to have to shut it down at night and wait for it to restart in the morning. Implementing a company-wide policy to turn off systems overnight can, however, prove very successful in saving your business a lot of money.

With the right business energy comparison provider and utility rates, your business can easily become more energy efficient, saving you money and reducing your carbon emissions. Make sure you deal with energy experts when it comes to your energy strategy, and always double check all energy-saving myths you may hear!

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