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Compare British Gas Prices with My Energy ComparisonAs one of the leading suppliers in the business energy industry, British Gas can be considered a ‘baseline’ for both service levels and cost. This makes them a good starting point from which to compare electricity and gas rates.

Their service can easily be summed up by the popularity of British Gas business Careplans, but that’s just one of many benefits to working with British Gas. Their sales team are experienced and know businesses from all industry sectors inside and out, meaning they’re quick to understand your needs and can work with you to develop an appropriate tariff.

Choosing the Right Energy Tariff

It’s worth remembering, though, that British Gas are never the only option, and even outside the ‘big six’ of the energy industry, there are many great suppliers who can compete both on price and on service.

There’s no better reason to always stop and compare tariffs before you commit. You can go about this by comparing first or by starting with an acceptable rate and using that as a starting point. Either way, using a comparison portal makes it much faster to collect prices and review them, eliminating unacceptable options and then reviewing the others.

Things to Watch For

There are several things your business might prioritise:

  • Dual Fuel discounts
  • Business Customer Support plans
  • Expected price
  • Additional perks (boiler repair, etc.)

Which of these are most important to you will depend almost entirely on your business. Industry, size, budget, and more will all affect your decisions – but it’s worth having a clear picture of what’s most important to you before you get too far into the comparison process.

 You may also find that once you’ve settled on a quote and applied, the offer you receive doesn’t quite match what you wanted. If that’s the case, don’t be afraid to begin the process again. Better to be sure of the right service at the right price because you took your time, rather than paying over the odds or missing out on an added service you wanted.

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