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Are you paying more than you should be for your business’ electricity?

Received wisdom has often been that you should only trust the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers. But while may once have been true, this received wisdom is out of date, and there are now many dependable energy suppliers.

In many ways this can make choosing the tariff that’s best for your business harder than it used to be. Using online tariff comparison services for business energy suppliers, you can cut down on the legwork – but it’s still important to make sure you choose the deal that’s best for you.

What’s Most Important to Your Business?

Your business may be looking for the lowest cost tariff overall. If you have an environmental policy, you may want to be sure your supplier uses renewable energy only.

Before proceeding, first decide what is most important to your business. Once you’ve filled out an online comparison form and been provided with options available to you, you can review them based on that the things that matter most to your business, whether it be price or environmental reasons.

Making the Switch

Some people are daunted by the prospect of switching provider. There’s an assumption that it will be complicated and that you risk time without power. That’s especially worrying for any business as it threatens business continuity. Any downtime without trading is not only a risk, it can catastrophic

That’s why we created a guide to the switching process. Take the time to read through it and set your mind at ease before switching

The Dual Fuel Question

Do your premises also require gas? You may benefit from a dual fuel tariff instead of separate gas and electricity tariffs. Remember to check all of these carefully, however. It’s not always guaranteed that dual fuel offers will be better for you.

This is especially true if you have an environmental policy to support, too. Take the time to know exactly what you’re getting.

Want to find out more, you can compare options without switching, just complete the form above.


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