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Scotland’s capital has been ranked the most competitive large city in the United Kingdom. Further extensive growth is forecast, and major urban renovation is taking place to accommodate it.

However, while many businesses make their home in modern buildings designed for energy efficiency, others are based in historic locations. These buildings are often drafty and expensive to heat. Some may also have out-of-date electrical systems which can also increase energy bills.

Whether your workplace is state of the art or a cherished landmark, one of the key concerns for your business will be your energy bills.

These are often lumped in with property taxes and other ‘fixed costs’ in business accounts. However, that approach can lead a business to miss out on much better energy tariffs. When you consider something fixed, no real attention is given to keeping costs down. Changing tariff – and potentially provider – can reduce your energy costs by up to 40%.

Comparing Business Energy Prices

Your energy bill is heavily influenced by your sector, but it can also be affected by:

  • Your location
  • The size of your business
  • Your energy provider
  • Using just electricity or dual fuel tariffs

You can also reduce your energy prices by adapting on-site generation systems (solar, geothermal, etc) where appropriate. Upgrading and updating equipment will usually see the amount of energy you need reduced, which can cut your bill further.

However, changing to a more suitable energy tariff is easily the fastest way to cut your costs. It can also be among the more effective, depending on your situation.

Filling out this form (provided by Funding Options) is a great way to get the process started. Your details will be used to provide a selection of quotes suitable for businesses of your size, location, and energy needs. From there, a little research and careful consideration is called for to narrow down your choices.

This can take time, but that time will pay for itself with every energy bill through the year. And as well as the financial benefits, it offers peace of mind – because you know you did the research and made the right choice.

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