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Business Energy Saving Tips

How much does your business energy bill affect your budget? According to research done by the Carbon Trust, cutting your energy bill by 20% has the same effect on your balance sheet as a 5% increase in sales. They also believe that a typical business can cut their bill by at least 10% in just a few quick steps.

At MyEnergyComparison, our hope is that our visitors come away with a better tariff for their energy than before. But the bottom line is that we hope our visitors can save money on their energy bills – so here are some tips to help businesses do just that.

The ‘Energy Walk Around’

The principle here is simple; take tours of your premises where you’re paying attention to energy usage.

Things to watch for include:

  • Wasteful energy use
  • What’s being done in a typical workday
  • Opportunities to reduce energy use

Consider heating, lighting, and all operational and leisure equipment. Don’t just do these at the same time; what’s the difference in power use between morning and lunch? If you have cleaners come in outside work hours, what are their practices? If you’re not active at the weekends, take the time to drop by and see what’s still running. Ask yourself if it needs to be. (Ask others when they’re back in, just in case you’re missing a reason!)

Once you have a list of steps to take, prioritise. A steady series of gradual changes is much easier for your team to make than doing everything at once – that leaves the risk of forgetting.

The Heating ‘Dead Band’

On average, half the energy bill in an office is for heating and air conditioning. Other business types vary, but heat regulation can be very expensive.

One of the most common forms of waste spending in this area comes when heating and air conditioning are simultaneously active. This can be resolved with a ‘dead band’ of around 5 degrees where neither the heating nor the air conditioning are active.

It’s worth setting up a project to take measurements of temperature across the working day; one at the start, one at peak business time, one at close. Do this for a week or so and watch for times when your temperature is higher than it needs to be. That’s not just money wasted on heating; it’s uncomfortable for your team and may result in sluggish workforce.

Make sure your boiler is serviced regularly. A poorly maintained boiler can increase heating costs by up to 30%.

The Benefits of Modern Lighting

Fluorescent lighting has long been shunned for the migraines caused by its flickering. However, modern slimline high frequency fluorescent tubes have improved. They cut out the background hum, eliminate flicker, and can reduce the amount of energy it takes to light an office by 25%.

Consider ‘Task Lighting’ – keeping lights in the working area high while reducing the amount of light in other areas of the business. This cuts cost and reduces screen glare.

LED lighting can be even more effective. If desk lighting or focus lights are needed, wherever possible, modern LED lights are an appropriate solution.

Compare Energy Tariffs

One simple step that can significantly reduce your bill is to compare energy tariffs available to your company. Making sure that you’re not paying more than you should for the same amount of electricity saves you money – and can increase the effectiveness of these other steps, too!

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