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Does your business use gas as part of its business energy supply? How often do you simply renew your standing contract with your current provider? Many companies don’t check their business gas tariff against the market nearly as often as they should. Often, this leads to spending much more than you need to.

Whether you’re working from a small office that happens to use gas-fired heating or you operate a major restaurant which relies heavily on gas throughout, a too-high tariff is costing you money you could save.

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There are a few reasons you might be willing to pay more for your current gas service than you have to. Some of the better reasons include:

  • Your dual fuel tariff charges more for gas but you save money overall
  • Your company’s environmental policy requires you to use eco-friendly suppliers, and the cheaper options aren’t appropriate.

Two other arguments are often made which don’t hold up to scrutiny.

These are:

  • You should only source your energy supply from the ‘big six’ providers.
  • Switching energy companies isn’t worth the hassle.

For many people, these are just taken as true – but that’s simply not the case

Making the switch now is straightforward, simple, and quick. We’ve even produced a guide to the process. And the ‘big six’ aren’t so different from their smaller competitors anymore. It’s true that small energy companies used to have a reputation for unreliability. However, smaller companies now deliver service that’s competitive with the bigger names – sometimes for a lower price.

Once you start collecting business gas quotes to compare you’ll see that these smaller names might be willing to cut their profits to offer businesses like yours an attractive deal.

Filling out the form below will give you access to a wide range of quotes designed for companies just like yours. Reviewing these energy providers carefully can save some businesses up to 40% of their annual gas bill.

Taking half an hour or so to cut one of your bills by 40% is an easy decision to make. In terms of increasing your company’s bank balance, it may be the most effective half an hour’s work you’ll do all year.

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