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Is your commercial electricity tariff higher than it needs to be? When was the last time you checked?

Many businesses have reported that simply by comparing commercial electricity tariffs once a year, they can reduce their electricity bills by as much as 40%. As a quick check of your most recent electricity bill will tell you, that’s not a saving you can pass up on!

Think Outside the “Big Six”

The “Big Six” is the term used for the six largest and best-known energy providers in the industry. They established that nickname over many years in which they were the only companies who could provide dependable services.

However, those days are over. Even relatively obscure providers can be relied upon. Don’t count out a provider because you haven’t heard of them – we work with of the majority of energy suppliers and energy providers! Very few people will recognise every name. however, you shouldn’t let that do you out of a bargain. Review each provider on its individual merits.

Assess Your Needs

Having a good idea what your business’ energy needs are is important when comparing electricity tariffs online. If your company has an environmental policy, you may also want to be sure that your commercial electricity provider uses renewable sources primarily or exclusively.

Once you have this information to hand you can compare effectively. Fill out a form like the one below to get started. You’ll be shown a range of tariffs you qualify for. (You may also get a better deal on dual fuel tariffs if your business also needs gas. However, check carefully – neither is guaranteed to be best for you!)

Go carefully through your options. Check for any perks and other conditions and be sure they’re worth it to you before making your choice.

It’s important that you get the best tariff for your business. Comparing online makes it easier to collect all your options so you can review them more easily, but don’t skimp on your final checks.

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