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Business energy is a growing market, and EDF Energy have established themselves as a major provider, holding a significant share of the market. One of the reasons for that is EDF Blue for Business, a fixed-price offering which allows businesses to better plan their energy budget into the future. This service is also low-carbon emission, making it a great program for environmentally-conscious businesses.

If your business premises currently get your electricity (or dual fuel supply) from EDF, you may feel that you have the perfect deal already and that switching providers is unnecessary. You may even be right – but if you’re not, your company could be paying more expensive business energy rates than they need to and operating with lower cash reserves than it might be.

The Right Tariff for Your Organisation

EDF Energy are a great option – but they aren’t the only option, and they may or may not offer the best energy prices for your needs. Even outside the energy industry’s ‘big six’, there are many firms who provide equally good service at competitive, comparable prices.

A company which doesn’t take the time to compare business energy rates before deciding is missing a key step in due diligence.

Considerations While Comparing Business Energy Rates

Your business might prioritise:

  • Expected total price
  • Discounts for dual fuel agreements
  • Business customer support plans
  • Boiler repair services and other perks

In some cases, other items may even be your top priority. Whatever the case, the specific tariff you choose in the end can also be affected by factors including:

  • Business location
  • Size of premises
  • Industry you work in
  • Expected growth over the tariff’s period

To find the deal that best suits your needs, it’s important to bear all these factors in mind according to your company’s priorities and budget. That way, once you begin the comparison process, it should be easy to discard the least suitable offers immediately.

Make sure you take the time to pick out the best.

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