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How to cut down on your business energy bill

No matter the scale of your company – whether you’re a large corporation with multiple premises, or a small independent venture with only a few staff members and a small building – the cost of keeping all your lights, heat, and electricity running is going to be a notable expense, one you want to do everything you can to reduce. Shopping around and doing a business energy comparison to make sure you get the most competitive rate from suppliers is a fantastic start to reducing your energy expenditure.

But there are also a whole host of tips and practices that will help you use even less energy each month, and help you save even more money.

Plug the gaps and keep the warmth inside

Whilst it might seem like an insignificant and possibly trivial thing to do at first, checking your premises for drafts – even small ones – could really help you save on heating costs. The difference will be small at first, but over time, making sure all the heat stays inside will not only save you money on energy bills but probably keep your employees happier during the colder months.

Make the most of the latest technology

Investing in more efficient hardware, especially large, energy-intensive pieces of equipment such as PC towers, space heaters and kitchen appliances will be costly at first, but you will reap massive rewards over time with the substantial reduction in energy use. As well as replacing conventional equipment, you could also invest in a more efficient heating system. Programmable automated thermostats are becoming more common and can constantly adjust the heating by miniscule amounts, saving you money on heating costs day by day.

Bathe in the light and use the sun to your advantage

Lighting, especially during the darker winter months, is hugely expensive – installing skylights will not only add a dash of style to your premises but will dramatically reduce the electricity wasted on lighting rooms and hallways. You could even install solar panels, so that you can cut down on energy costs by generating your own.

These are just a few of a wide range of practices that you can implement to save on your bill, but finding the right energy rates for your business is the first step towards becoming a more energy-efficient company. For more information on how to switch, check out our in-depth guide.

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