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How to maximise your savings when comparing business energy deals

It’s no secret that business energy comparison services are a great way to save money on your corporate energy usage. It’s important, however, that before you begin to compare the available commercial energy deals available, that you follow these tips.

Doing so will help you save more money when it comes time to compare business energy deals.

Know your usage

Most businesses start using business energy comparison services without having the first clue of how much energy they actually use. It’s important for you to find this out, however, because it will prevent you from paying extra for energy that you don’t actually need. Often businesses find that when they discover how much energy they use, easy energy saving measures become apparent. This will help you save money before you’ve even switched tariffs.

Understand your budget

The right corporate business energy deal is one that is cheaper than you’re currently paying. Sounds simple, right? But you’d be surprised how many businesses launch into comparison tools without the first idea of how much they’re currently spending. How can you see savings unless you know what’s going out every month/quarter? Delve into your business’ finances and see what you’re really spending in energy, you might be surprised. It will also help you recognise actual savings when you make them.

Be prepared to speak in person

A good business energy comparison tool is essential in giving you an overview of the deals that are available to you. If you really want to make the largest savings possible, however, you should be prepared to pick up the phone. Use the comparison tool to make a shortlist of the five cheapest energy providers from your results, then invest some time phoning them. You might be surprised, but many corporate energy suppliers are open to negotiation when you’re brave enough to call and ask.

The brief conclusion

The quick takeaway from this is following, to maximise your energy savings:

  • Find out your energy needs
  • Understand what you’re currently paying
  • Be prepared to pick up the phone

A cheaper energy deal awaits!

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