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How your employees can help you cut down on business energy usage

Business energy costs are one of those things that you can’t get away from. They are a necessity that all businesses must pay, regardless of what the business does. Whether you own a production company that inherently needs to use large amounts of energy for your machinery, or if you just need the energy to keep your lights, computers, and internet running, business energy costs affect everyone. However, there are a number of ways that you can cut down on your energy costs, and one of the most effective ways to do this is to get your employees to take on more responsibility on the energy they use.

At My Energy Comparison, we have created a brief guide on easily actionable tips your employees can undertake to ensure that you keep your business energy costs as low as possible, although if you are looking to compare energy prices as a way of lowering costs, then take a look here.

Our energy saving tips

1. Turn off the lights

While it’s an obvious point, it is so easy to do. Whenever a room is not in use, the lights should be switched off. Flicking the switch is simple, but extremely effective when trying to keep the costs down.

2. Consider the air conditioning

Does your air conditioning unit really need to be using that much power? In the vast majority of cases, a similar effect on temperature could be achieved by opening a window in the summer or wearing an extra layer in the winter. While you don’t want your employees to be uncomfortable, temperature control uses a large amount of energy, so any alternatives can certainly help to save money.

3. Turn computers off at night

Shutting down your computers when you leave the office for the evening doesn’t only save energy, it also helps to increase the longevity of the equipment itself. Encourage your employees to turn off their devices at night, and check that they are doing so; it is surprising how quickly the costs of running monitors and hard drives adds up, especially if your business requires a lot of electrical hardware.

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