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npower can trace its roots back to the beginning of private energy companies in the UK. As one of the ‘Big Six’ it has long been a leading name in the business energy industry. They created npower Business Solutions, a division dedicated entirely to developing new services designed for the business customer.

If your business is – or has been – supplied with electricity (or dual fuel) by npower, it’s a sure bet that you’ve enjoyed their commercial customer service. You may feel that their business energy rates are low enough that there’s no reason to switch providers.

And it may be true that you are already on the best business energy tariff for your company – but that’s much rarer than people tend to believe. In some circumstances, switching providers can save a business up to 40% on their overall energy bill.

Which Tariff Best Suits You?

As good as they are for business customers, npower is just one of many possible options, and the energy prices they offer may or may not be the best for your premises. In today’s industry, even suppliers outside the ‘Big Six’ provide fantastic service with competitive prices.

Making sure that your company isn’t on overpriced business energy rates is a key step to save money and improve cashflow.

Priorities and Other Considerations

The tariffs available to you can be affected by a wide range of factors. Some of the most important of these are:

  • Size of premises
  • Business location
  • Your industry

These factors help to determine what rates are offered when you compare business energy tariffs. After you’re presented with these offers, you’ll have to make a decision. This process differs from business to business according to their priorities, which might include:

  • Discounts for dual fuel arrangements
  • Expected total price
  • Perks like free boiler repair and maintenance
  • Business customer support plans

Once you have your priorities and your budget set out, comparison is a straightforward task – but one you should still give your full attention to. The least suitable offers are easy to identify and dismiss but choosing between those that remain is harder.

Take the time to pick out the best quote available to you – because that time will pay for itself with every quarterly bill throughout the life of the contract.

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