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Top 10 tips to save money on your business energy bill

People often think that “business energy savings” involve monolithic changes in the way the business operates. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Using a business energy comparison tool, such as My Energy Comparison is a fantastic way to get a cheaper deal. There are many things you can do every day, though, to augment those savings.

Keep doors closed

Taking the time to close doors behind you can lead to a massive saving on your heating bill.

Turn things off

Make sure you don’t just put things on standby – take the extra few seconds to turn it off properly.

Vending machines timers

Install timers in vending machines to regulate their power usage at night; nobody needs snacks when everyone has gone home.

Watch your appliances

You may think employees bringing their fans/kettles/toasters is fine. They can quickly add up though, so keep a close tally on how many appliances are plugged in, and make sure they’re all yours.

Let there be light

Natural daylight is your biggest aid in saving energy. Not only does it reduce your energy usage, but it also makes employees much happier.

How big is your boiler?

When it comes to boilers, bigger is not always better. An oversized boiler will never get up to an efficient operating temperature, so it may be a wise investment to downsize.

Try going paperless

Many businesses are seeing the benefit of paperless offices. Resist the urge to print, fax, and photocopy wherever possible and you’ll see notable energy savings.

Motion sensing lights

Installing motion sensors on lights is an excellent investment – why light a room that has nobody in it? Motion sensors will make sure your lights are on only when they need to be.

Turn off screensavers

A screensaver uses a surprising amount of energy for no practical purpose. Ideally, you should configure your machines to go to “sleep” when not in use.

Check your insulation

How well is your premises insulated? Do you even know if it is? Check it, and consult with a specialist. Insulation will save you money on heating bills.

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