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Top 7 tips for low-cost business energy

When improving your business’s cash flow, you need to cut down on operational costs. A good supply of energy is important, but it can affect your profit margin if you spend too much money on it. How can you get cheap business electricity?

Go green

Investing in solar panels and/or wind turbines can help you generate your own electricity. Even though the electricity you produce may not satisfy all your energy needs, it will supplement the electricity you outsource from UK energy companies, thereby saving you some money.

Switch suppliers

Opt out of your current energy provider if you feel like you’re spending too much money on your business energy bills. Switch to a supplier who offers attractive and cost-effective energy deals.

Get a smart meter

Ask your supplier to provide you with a free smart meter. The meter will enable you to collect and analyse data regarding your energy consumption. With adequate information about your consumption, you can implement energy-saving measures.

Know your contract end date

How is this important? You need to avoid a rollover contract if you’re not happy with your current energy bills.

Once your supplier has renewed your contract for another 12 months, there isn’t much you can do to access cheaper electricity. You may end up paying 70% more than businesses using alternative energy sources or different suppliers.

To find out your contract end date, check your electricity bills or consult with your energy provider.

Use an energy broker

Obtaining quotes from different suppliers can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t know what you should consider when looking for cheap business electricity. An experienced energy broker can help you assess your energy needs and negotiate deals on your behalf.

Involve your team

Encourage your workers to adopt energy-efficient practices. Turning off the lights when not in use, for example, can save you money that you can spend on other utilities.

Compare business energy quotes accurately

A business energy comparison allows you to find the best electricity deals for your company. Many companies incur high electricity costs because they haven’t taken the time to look at other options in the market. To find low-cost energy deals, visit our business energy comparison page.

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