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Transforming your business with smart meters

The UK government has reported that there are more than 1.02 million smart meters installed in non-domestic properties. Smart meters are devices that display electricity and gas consumption in real time, showing you how much you spend on energy bills.

Why are smart meters important?

These devices are designed to help homes and businesses save energy and cash. They calculate your energy usage every half hour or so, based on automated readings. Instead of relying on estimates and predictions from suppliers, you can use smart meters to get accurate data that will enable you to plan your business expenses.

How will your business benefit from smart meters?

The government and some energy suppliers are urging business owners to install smart meters in their premises for various reasons. Using these devices will benefit you in the following ways:

You won’t have to submit readings

It takes time to record readings from gas and electricity meters. Smart meters will save you valuable time, as they’re programmed to automatically submit readings to your supplier.

Avoid bad estimates

Smart meters allow suppliers to get accurate readings. Therefore, you can rest assured your energy provider will not overcharge you for electricity or gas you haven’t consumed. Consequently, you’ll save money and avoid cash flow problems.

It’s free

Most energy suppliers won’t charge you a single penny to set up your smart meter.

Can you switch energy suppliers after installing a smart meter?

Your current supplier will provide you with a smart meter. But this doesn’t stop you from moving to a supplier who suits your energy needs. Smart meters can make the changeover process easier since you won’t have to record the final meter reading.

If your smart meter is outdated, your new supplier can provide you with a new meter that is more accurate and compatible with their services.


While smart meters can help you save on operating costs, there’s nothing stopping energy companies from inflating their prices to make more money from you. Hence, it’s important to compare business energy prices to get a good deal.

MyEnergyComparison allows you to make business energy comparisons online. Using our platform, you can get a quote at the click of a button and start saving some cash today.

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